Our Clients Results

Non scale victory…. This picture was taken about a year before I started Wholesome Health. The story – A friend had shown us this place before I had my hips replaced, when I had such a bad limp – and very poor balance. Behind the camera is Wisconsin Point Lighthouse. I SO wanted to be able to make it across the jumble of rocks that is the only way out there. You need pretty good balance to do it, and this picture is my reminder that I finally made it! I’m posting this as a reminder, a bunch of small victories can lead to something so much bigger! Set small goals, keep reaching them, and you WILL reach your big goals! And not all victories have to involve the scale! – Janet P.


their clients and are willing to take time to answer all of your questions. Plus they keep you motivated!!! Julie K.


Lots of helpful tools. It’s not just a regular gym there is so much more at wholesome! If you need help setting goals or have questions Jake and his staff are always there to help you learn and grow.
Jessica B.


Friendly customer service, open floor plan, no waiting for weights or machines. Robert P.


Friendly staff, good workout. Michelle C.


Very informative, and willing to modify for my injury meant a lot! Stacie V.


Honest, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. Jewell P.


Very personable staff and other clients. Really like the opportunity to train within a group setting. Kelly Z.


The atmosphere is very welcoming. Zach, Personal Trainer, was available right away and met me at the door. He was not pushy, but rather welcoming and informative. There has always been staff available and willing to assist. I was given a plan right away specific to my needs. Annette S.


It’s a great workout. Jacob is very knowledgeable. I like the flexibility of being able to participate in the group workouts and supplement other workouts at the gym when it fits my schedule. Stacey W.


I like everything about the place. The people who attend and the trainer is awesome! Joy W.


I love having a variety of workout times to choose from in a day, especially since our schedules change so dramatically between summer and fall. The workouts are challenging and fun. Heather J.


Always positive attitudes from staff and clients. Look forward to all my classes I attend. Theresa L.


one on one personal training! A trainer who cares about your physical fitness growth. He takes the time to train and watch each member as they are working out! great positive atmosphere also! Cheryl L.


Small group setting, I don’t have to figure out my workout that day, I just need to show up and it’s planned out for me. Jacob is there to tell me if I’m lifting wrong and in a gym I wouldn’t have that. Karen B.


The small class size And interaction among everyone and the overall fun spirit in the room Clyde C.


Friendly, personal willing to help get you where you want to be. Terry S.


I have all the equipment I need. There is staff that knows how to get anyone into great shape and everyone is very kind. Jack R.


The small group sizes are amazing and everybody is so friendly and welcoming Lisa L.


Everyone is friendly and very willing to help. You guys care about about helping your customers achieve their goals rather than seeing them as more income, like I’ve experienced at other gyms. You guys are awesome! Taylor K.


You walk in the door and it is kind of like Cheers where “everybody knows you name” . This is a very comfortable gym. with professional trainers. You can expect a good healthy workout. I also like seeing more and more a nice mix of people; young, older, skinny and not so skinny, body builders and just those coming to get healthy… Rose O.


A lot of opportunity for classes if you schedule is random for work. Love the circuits so far, and the people doing the class are very welcoming. Instructer is able to help with form, and with any questions you may have. The gym makes it easy to enjoy working out through the flexible schedule, and butt kicking workout. I just want to be healthy, this gym seems like the perfect place for me to start! Mary C.


welcoming atmosphere, open all day, variety of class times Tamara H.